Whether it's your biography you wish to see on paper,

the story of your family or business, a children's book 

or a story that you want to turn into a movie, 

together we will make it an extraordinary accomplishment!

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Here's a selection of published works by Riccardo LoFaro/LifeStories USA 

among 60+ biographies, short-story books, and e.books

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Every life story is somehow extraordinary. Like it or not we should never forget that our life experiences could be of great benefit to those who we most care about and those we will never know about. So here's what I do: I work with you to make sure words, thoughts, opinions, and experience make a difference to others. Possibly a beautiful difference in their life.

Whether you're thinking your story should be a published book or you wish it could also be on video or a movie on the big screen, I will be happy to work with you to turn it into a tremendous success. Among my published works are some 60 books to date, including biographies, short-story books, and e.books, among which are: Dante Ferretti, Production Designer –Academy Oscar Award Winner; Antonio Pappano, Orchestra Director –The Royal Opera House (London) and Musical Director at Accademia di Santa Cecilia (Rome); Giorgio Moroder, Music Producer and Composer –Academy Oscar Award Winner; Sylvester Stallone, Actor and Film Producer; Matilda R. Cuomo, frmr. New York State First Lady; Federico Faggin, Physician and Entrepreneur; Frank Serpico, NYPD Detective (ret.); Frank Mancuso, President and CEO of Paramount Pictures and MGM Studios (ret.). Please read more in "The Author" page.

Through my extensive experience as biographer and ghostwriter in the US, Europe and other areas of the world, together we will make sure your words, voice and memories will be treasured over time. Yours will be the name on the cover, you will be in fact the author, and yours will be 100% of the rights. As a biographer, ghostwriter, and videographer, for the public our collaboration will not be on record: in respect to the confidentiality agreement, my work will be based on a total anonymity.

My profession is based first of all on a strong, deep passion for stories and for their turning life and professional experiences into valuable inspiration to others. If you have a story in mind, if you believe I might be the right person to assist you, working with you would be a tremendous honor for me. 

Feel free to contact me and ask any question you may have. Thanks!

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