I can assist you by telling your story in English as well as Italian. I was born in Rome, Italy,  and spent over 30 years to date in the US working mostly anonymously in the employ of private clients and companies. Years spent enjoying and learning the cultural and social differences of these and other countries: a professional experience that I believe is a key element in being able to write your story with the intended profound meaning you desire.

CHEMISTRY COUNTS. We would meet in person to determine if there is enough mutual understanding to properly develop this project, whether it’s your story or the story of your business.  We would discuss in depth about the key points, timing and the commitment the project would involve both of us.


Following our first meeting I will take a short time to analyze all necessary aspects to realize the project and to provide you with my exact fee. Here's is in short what my proposition to you will include:

(a) The information acquisition steps: personal interview, interviews from your loved ones or whomever you suggest, my research on the various aspects needed to implement the story with detail and in-depth analysis of content, drafts from the information gathered through research and interviews.​

(b)  The structure of the editorial and video-biographical project, namely the setting I suggest giving both to the biography (the book), and to the Video which represents your biography through images and narratives.

(c)  The cost of my collaboration: a proposal based on a "flat fee" that includes every aspect of my work and which will not change over time, regardless of the timing to be completed - no hidden fees!


  • Draw up your Biography to produce a book – you can later decide whether to publish it publicly or keep a discrete copy for yourself, family, friends or colleagues.

  • Turn your Biography into a digital format (e.Book), then publish it online for global distribution.

  • Incorporate your written Biography (book) with the Video-Biography;

  • Create a gift package for your family/parents/friends/colleagues: this option includes the preparation of the Biography and/or the Video-Biography which will later be presented in a personalized manner.

  • Movie Script: Write a script from your book and present it to prospect film producers in the US, UK, Europe, Australia. This professional service is based on the fortunate opportunity I personally have through the PrimiDieci Society, the International Network of World Leading Personalities, members of which are also some of the most celebrated film producers of the world.


I can assist you realizing your project in the most accurate and elegant way.

Handling it is my profession, dedicating myself is my passion.


Let’s put together your memories. Starting from a confidentiality agreement, I will assist you in reorganizing photographs, documents, films, and memories. Above all I’ll be listening to you, dedicating all the time needed through a series of meetings. With due respect to your memories, I will pose you the right questions in bringing forth your memories even the ones you though lost! Don’t know where to start from? Leave it to your biographer! Leave it to my extensive experience with a series of editorial works published for clients in Italy, United States, United Kingdom, and Australia (click here for a selection of my books).

Let's write your story, let's make sure your words, voice and memories will be treasured over time.

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Books on the Desk

Your memories, your life, from past to present time.

Your memories in a series of events that will capture the reader. Whether it is aimed to your loved ones or to the public, whether it is an autobiographical book, a story on your family or your business, my experiences will support you to create an exciting publication to stay for times to come.


Let’s talk about it - write me! Click here.



Your voice, your image, your opinions on what you have accomplished in life and how, gift your loved ones with a visual and audible recording.

The Video-Biography consists of a series of video-recorded interviews that will then be further added to a video containing the most exciting moments of the interviews, a slideshow of pictures and stories told by you. All of which will be narrated in the background by your own voice. This is the most extraordinary gift that anyone can make to their family for generations to come. Or it can also serve as a backstory to how you’ve built up your business for your employees and the public.

If you prefer not to appear on video we can simply have a slideshow of pictures and clips of your achievements and life story encompassed by your narrating voice. It will be a compelling and fun collaboration!

Let’s discuss details! I'll be happy to give you additional information. Click here.


Narrating your memories in a book and, even more on video, is a journey not easy for anyone. 

My extensive experience in this field ensures a careful, respectful collaboration, and the utmost discretion related to any information you will share. The collaboration includes a strict confidentiality agreement.

I have worked as biographer and ghostwriter in the US, Europe and other areas of the world for many years to date. I can fully assist you in rearranging the fondest memories of your life and turn them into a book and/or a series of video-recordings, making sure your words, voice and memories will be treasured over time.


Sharing our memories with those we believe can treasure them is an invaluable gift.

It is the sense of our doing and of what we have done, for the good of those who long for suggestions, motivation, inspiration. We shouldn’t allow our experiences to end with us and to not be shared with others.

Let's record the story of your life in a book and on video!

Your story will be narrated in an elegant book and pictured in the video-biography: a collection of memories that will pass through time. For your loved ones, for those who will follow, and for those who will have the desire or wish to know. Your Book and Video-Biography will be the most beautiful and important gift you could ever dedicate to those dearest to you.


Write or call me and we will talk in depth about your needs related to this project. I will happily provide you with the necessary information and shortly after I will provide you with an evaluation. At that point, whatever the fee will be, no hidden or extra fees, no surprises! 


Thank you.​


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